Ivan Dodov - Watercolorist Artist

“Ivan Dodov as a follower of the best in watercolor painting in Bulgaria,
uses through his patter the detail as an active component of his works. But we are not
talking here about pattern that prepares, sketches the future picture, he works “hell
hawk ”at the moment, hurrying to catch the fleeting in nature. It is all about
the extraction of certain details from the architectural and natural landscape through
specificity of their forms against the background of the characteristic color spills, creating
feeling for special sfumato. Thus reality and unreality are intertwined in one at
his own picturesque suggestions, which are the most fascinating aspects in his paintings. "

Professor of Art Acsenia Djurova


The love for watercolor began from 1974 until today

Ivan Dodov was born December 19th,1960 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1979 he graduated from art gymnasium "Ilia Petrov" in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia. In 1986 he graduated at the Art Academy in Sofia, majoring in "Interior/exterior design" in the course of Prof. Georgi Petrov. Since 1989, he has been working in the field of watercolor media. Member of the UBA. He lives and creates in the city Sofia.

About me

Watercolor painting for me is a magical experience.

I'm in love with this technique because it works dynamically, in one breath. The water, this fountain of life, mixed with the colors, makes them live and creates light, love and energy. All this is seal in pictures that are unique. I think the magic is that I paint without thinking and I am in the moment. I thank the creator for leading me and inspiring me.


My greatest satisfaction is to share and to pass on my knowledge to my students


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